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About us

We shine a light into the shadows to spot hazards and guide a path to safety

Prevention is everything

Lighthouse Registry was founded by a former litigator who realized that her clients would be best served by preventing problems instead of litigating them after they happen. 


Our sole purpose is to protect people against financial exploitation to help ensure that every person can live the entirety of their life with dignity. Our focus is on protecting significant assets such as real estate and vulnerable groups such as seniors.  

We are the only service focused on preventing real estate fraud

Even following all the existing guidance on how to protect yourself leaves you exposed. While title insurance can restore your title or cover financial losses, it is a long and stressful process to do so. The Lighthouse Registry Property Alert Service is the only service that can actually help prevent real estate fraud before it happens.

Our core team

Erin MacKenzie Colour_edited.jpg

Erin MacKenzie JD, MBA

CEO & Co-founder

Erin has over 10 years of experience as a lawyer and a management consultant.  She started her career practicing estate litigation before moving to The Boston Consulting Group and later the TD Bank.  Erin co-founded Lighthouse Registry to prevent many of the problems most frequently encountered by her clients. 

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Urmil Modi

CTO & Co-founder

Urmil is a software engineer with over 4 years of experience implementing tech-based solutions to complex problems. His experience includes creating complex integrations, building tech solutions for real world issues, and working as a Backend Architect designing and implementing a cloud-based platform.

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